The Ward 8 POST is a collective of eight DC parents and community members, both military and nonmilitary, residing in Ward 8 and who worked together to actualize a first-of-its kind community RFP and selection process for an operator to open a new school on a 7-acre parcel of land adjacent to Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling. The Ward 8 POST values the engagement of families in the school selection process for a public school that will be created to serve both military and nonmilitary families. We have two goals: 

✓ To increase the availability of high quality educational options to both military and nonmilitary families AND 

✓ To create a different model for school selection in our city that happens in partnership with families and the community. 


The Ward 8 POST envisions a school that creates a welcoming school environment where students are challenged to be their best and prepared for life in our fast-changing global world. We value the teaching of the whole child with a focus on individualized instruction and experiential learning; academic and social emotional learning support services; and a diversity of extracurricular activities. We envision a school led by a culturally competent and committed school leadership, faculty, and staff. As parents, we advocate for a school committed to building strong partnerships with families and the community to guarantee children’s success in learning. 

We believe that our vision can be realized through these five pillars: 

Pillar 1: Rigorous and relevant curriculum that reflects the global world and incorporates 21st century technology tools 

Pillar 2: Strong systems of support that connect and meet the needs of all students 

Pillar 3: Culturally competent, passionate, and committed school leadership, faculty, and staff 

Pillar 4: Sound financial model and management plan that supports the school’s operations and growth 

Pillar 5: Substantial family and community partnerships that support continuous school improvement